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Why put popcorn in a tin?

Sport Tins
Anytime Tins
Holiday Tins

Although a tin of popcorn is considered a traditional holiday gift, a beautiful tin filled with our delicious popcorn also makes the perfect gift for birthdays and other special events. 

We offer a great selection of assorted popcorn tin designs including holiday and sports themes.


With sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 6.5 gallons, there is a size to satisfy every craving.

Unlike other snack containers that end up in the trash, our popcorn tins can be repurposed and many people collect our tins.

All of our popcorn tins are filled by hand, with popcorn made in our kitchen, not by a machine in a factory. 

To be sure you get the correct design and size when ordering one of our popcorn tins, make a note of the tin number, listed as a bolded series of letters and numbers with a one word description separated by a dash (example: CT15T-Retreat).

We offer different tin designs to meet the seasons and demand so be sure stop in and check out our sport, anytime, and holiday tin designs often.

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