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Great tasting popcorn only results from great ingredients and attention to details.  We make all of the popcorn in our store, currently 18 flavors,  using only the finest ingredients available. Cheat on just one step in the process, and we know you will be able to taste the difference.  

It all starts with selecting the right corn.  In fact, we use two unique and different types of popcorn.   Our caramel corn is made using a popcorn especially  grown for making  caramel corn.  You taste the difference as fewer broken pieces.  Our cheese corn is made using a popcorn especially grown for all its "wings".  You  taste the difference as a more tender kernel. 

Then our popcorn is popped fresh using oil rather than air.  It is far less expensive to use hot air to "pop" the corn (the moisture inside the kernel heats up to the point where it "explodes" through).  You taste the difference since oil enhances the total flavor profile and, as a result, requires less artificial flavorings.  Just the right amount of salt is added. "Spinners" (un-popped  kernels, sometimes called old maids) are carefully removed.  The freshly popped corn is now ready to be flavored.



Real USDA inspected premium grade "AA" butter and  REAL Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese!  There is no substitute for quality!  When you make cheese corn.....make it with tons of cheese, tons of REAL Wisconsin cheese.!  You'll taste the difference with each and every bite, a true cheese corn.


When you visit, you will see our classic Caramel or perhaps our signature corn, Caramelized Cheese Corn, (we call it "Caramel Gold")  made fresh right before your eyes. We make all of our flavors in small batches-----only about 12 bags at a time!!! Our popcorn is produced so it is fresh, not preserved.   You'll taste the difference.   Then, we quickly hand - package each using re-sealable bags to preserve freshness and add convenience for you.  The re-sealable bag allows the popcorn to maintain its cornucopia of flavor -- even the day after purchasing it.  For sure, you will taste the difference!!!

 Don't take our word for it, you be the judge!  When you stop in our store, we will gladly offer you a sample of any popcorn flavor you would like to try.  How can you lose?



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